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  • For the first time ever, we’ve published our Top 7 recommended companies that offer a Dividend Reinvestment Plan every long-term investor should own.

    • Each company meets strict criteria, including:
    • ✔ NO fee to invest (or very low fees)
    • ✔ Consistently pays dividends year after year
    • ✔ Excellent Moody’s rating
    • ✔ Excellent financial ratios
    • ✔ U.S. based industry leader with stellar management, longevity and stability

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    How to Build a DRIP Portfolio

    Constructing a DRIP portfolio is easier than you think… Whether you’ve been investing for years or are just starting out, you may think that creating and maintaining a diversified stock portfolio is a daunting task— one that’s better left to the professionals. But the...

    Ten Top Advantages to DRIPs

    The Small Investor’s Low Risk Secret to building Wealth 1. 100% Commission-Free Investing– You enroll in the company plan for a nominal fee and then never pay a transaction fee or commission of any kind. 2. Automatic Dollar Cost Averaging– DRIPs...

    Looking for Money to Fund Your Child’s DRIP? Pay Your Kids!

    If you have your own business—even a sideline business—or a professional practice, you should consider hiring your children or grandchildren. You’ll get to deduct the money you pay them while the youngster can earn as much as $5,700 (in 2014) without owing any income...

    The Lowest Risk Way To Invest

    Have just a little to invest? DRIPs allow you to build a diversified portfolio with limited funds invested over time. Diversification reduces the risk you might face by having all your money in any one security. With a diversified portfolio, no one security will have...

    New Update: Extra Dividend Strategy

    Everyone using DRIPs to accumulate shares through dollar-cost averaging can appreciate the joy of watching their share count grow over time. But did you realize that when you make your quarterly investments can make a big difference in what you eventually accumulate?...

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